Friday, August 16, 2013

Pterodactyls, blackberry jam, and Duck Dynasty

Well, this week was a doozy. A real doozy. I am so thankful today is Friday. Rather than whine about everything that went screwy this week, although I am tempted, here's a list of five happy things. :)

1. We got to see our little jelly bean yesterday! Annnnd... I'm pretty sure I am going to give birth to a pterodactyl. Either that or a chicken.

(P.S. Here is an even more hilarious ultrasound picture... bahahaha!)

2. I needed to switch to a different OBGYN. Usually this would be no problem, but in a town that only has two of them and the one I wanted was supposedly not accepting new patients, it was kinda stressing me out a bit. That's a major understatement, by the way. If I couldn't switch I was going to have to find one somewhere else, and the idea of traveling to all my appointments didn't really appeal to me, but sticking with the one I have been seeing was not an option. 

A couple weeks ago I called to see if there was anything that they could do, anything at all. That's actually a really funny story, but long story short I guess sometimes being a somewhat emotionally unstable pregnant lady has its perks. I completely broke down in violent tears which conveniently touched the heart of the sweet receptionist who made it her personal mission to get me the good doctor. This week they called to let me know she decided to take me on, and I am so thankful for that. So thankful. She is much more supportive of the birth and pregnancy I want to have, and it really puts my mind at ease to have her as my doctor! 

3. I found a blackberry patch not to0 far away from our house and I picked enough to make a triple batch of jam. Now, homemade jam tastes much better on homemade bread, so I made my mama's whole wheat bread to go with it. It was so worth the time and effort to enjoy this deliciousness. Mmmmm... :)

4. Duck Dynasty started again this week! :D My husband and I are big fans. It's really nice to see a wholesome, hilarious, uplifting show for once... makes me happy, happy, happy. ;)

5. I get to visit my sister in CA very soon! I can't wait to go to the beach. As much as I love my mountains, there is something about the sand and the sea that makes me happy. P.S. She is pregnant with twin girls due about 2 months before our baby! So exciting! 

Happy Friday! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exciting news!

Just in case you haven't heard the news already...

...we've got a bun in the oven, coming February 2014!

We're pretty dang excited. We've been looking forward to it for a while, but now that it is actually here it's kind of hard to believe that there's a mini human being hidden inside my expanding midsection. A MINI HUMAN BEING, GUYS. 

And you know what? That's kind of rad

Even if said mini human being likes to turn me into a narcoleptic. A constantly peeing, always hungry, emotional, sometimes nauseated, pimply, narcoleptic, hot mess of a woman that doesn't want to do anything but eat, sleep, and watch Parks and Rec/The Office/Monk (again) on Netflix. 
All day, erryday.

And yet, I'm feeling very, very happy and thankful to be able to take on this crazy adventure. This might be a little personal, but I wasn't entirely sure I would be able to have kids, so we're both feeling very blessed indeed. Here's to a healthy pregnancy!

Before I finish up I just have to say that I really, really got lucky when it comes to that husband of mine. Not only does he put up with sharing a house with a psycho pregnant lady, he has been taking such good care of me by doing dishes, making me food when my stomach is wonky, giving me extra snuggles when he can tell I'm feeling blue, teaching seminary for me today (oh yeah, I'm still teaching this semester!), and just being sweet, supportive, and wonderful in general. 
I'll keep him, I s'pose. ;)

We are cheeseballs. Also, thanks to my lovely mama for the pictures!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brain Dump

My brain has been on overload, so enjoy this (mostly) unfiltered unloading of my cranium.

I do not understand Twitter or Google+ even though I have them both. So far, the only uses I've found for Twitter are following the people that live tweet General Conference to help me remember quotes for my notes, extra entries for giveaways, and also there is a slight chance I might possibly follow an undisclosed amount of Bachelor/Bachelorette-related accounts. Go ahead, judge me. DO IT.

Mulan is on Netflix. Need I say more?

I had a check up at the dentist today, and I came home and ate candy afterward to celebrate that it went well. Because somehow sugar-packed Sour Patch Kids seemed like an appropriate way to do it. Considering how much time I spend in the dentist's chair in the past year, I was just really happy that everything is looking good, knock on wood, and hope that it stays that way! I also get to have my wisdom teeth removed before long... oh joy! :)

I'm very thankful to have a husband that helps with the dishes. This week has been a little rough on me, and he was wonderful enough to pick up the slack a bit. Oh, I love him. I'm also thankful he comes to seminary every morning with me, even though it isn't officially his calling. It makes it much easier for me to get up at 5:45 when he does too, plus he drags the electric piano across the gym, helps set up chairs, makes copies, and pretty much does whatever he can to help me out. He's a keeper.

I'm not biased or anything, but I think I just might have the cutest siblings. My mom is (rightly) cautious about the interwebz, so I won't post pictures on my blog and you'll have to take my word for it. (Or follow me on Instagram!)

I see these shoes on fashion bloggers all the time. No offense to anyone that owns them, but they kind of scare me a little bit. However, I have to give mad props to anyone bold enough to wear them! :)

I sat out on my deck this morning for scripture study, and it was perfection. The weather was glorious, birds were singing, and my tummy was full of some of the most delicious strawberries I've ever had. It was rather nice, to say the least, and I think I might need to make it a habit. Morning is my favorite time of day, right before that golden hour around sunset.

Apparently we have an oak tree in out backyard, because there are gangs of mischievous squirrels and birds that find great pleasure in throwing them down on my neighbor's metal shed. I wonder if they know how many times a day they make me jump when they send a particularly large batch down... Oy.

This video makes me happy. Very happy indeed. You must watch it and be happy too, ok? Kthxbye.

Also, I guess this means we are getting a trampoline...? ;)

HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! It's Friday Eve, yippeeeee!