Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As of late

We really, really like pizza margherita. It's become a weekly meal. :)

My tomatoes! :)

Star Wars pancakes taste even better than boring round ones. ;)

At the Mesa Temple. :)

We got to go to a Diamondbacks game as kind of an early birthday celebration for the two of us. We won... yay! :)

Chelsey was there too and it was awesome to see her!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Buckskin Gulch!

This past Friday and Saturday we hiked down Buckskin Gulch and the upper section of Paria Canyon with some of our friends. It was 20-something miles of awesome, and I took a LOT of pictures! We probably could have arrived at our campsite at least an hour earlier on Friday afternoon if I hadn't stopped every 5 feet (okay... maybe that is a slight exaggeration :P) to take a picture during the 14 miles we hiked the first day. ;) Here's just a few of my favorites.

One of my very favorites. Isn't it gorgeous in there? 

Also my favorite... ;)

Dinner at our camp!

Hiking out Paria the next morning. Isn't this formation crazy? I'm glad I wasn't around when this fell!

We made it! :)

We stopped by Horseshoe Bend on the way home. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

This weekend's adventures

To start off the weekend, Dallin got up early on Saturday morning and surprised
 me with a delicious omelet for breakfast. :) Yep, I am spoiled. It was so good! 

See the green onion heart? I'm SURE he did that on purpose... :P
Some of the adorable nieces and nephews I gained when we got married came up on Saturday. It was fun to see them! We went to a wildlife fair at the park with the crew. Cy liked watching this snake shed it's skin.

I like his face.
We also hiked Christopher Creek on Saturday. It was beautiful weather and such a pretty canyon. :)

A little slide 

Ryan and Dallin being manly

We were starving afterward so we went and got an Alfonso's burrito to share.
Yes, that is one burrito... isn't it huge?!

I bought myself a cute little tomato plant! 

I also FINALLY got some basil! I love being able to pick fresh basil from my own plants. And it smells SO good. 

I got to use some of my basil for the pizza margherita that we made
 yesterday for Dallin's parents to celebrate Mother's Day! Yum. :)

Look at this sweet present my husband got me for Mother's Day! It's a Lladró figurine. :) 

It's not a great picture but that's the best I could do. It looks so much prettier in real life!
If you don't know what Lladró is (I didn't until I was dating Dallin), it's a Spanish company that makes these beautiful porcelain figurines. Dallin brought some back from Spain, which is where he served his mission. We found this one at a thrift store for MUCH less than they usually cost and he tricked me into thinking it was for his mom. It worked... I was very pleasantly surprised when he gave it to me. :)

Also, speaking of Mother's Day presents, one of the perks of being married is getting a share of the treats they pass out to the mothers (or future mothers) in the ward. ;) Cha-ching!

(P.S. I am not pregnant... :P)

Well, that's pretty much it... have a lovely day! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Три месяца! (Three months!)

It's been three months since this happened:

This was such a happy day. It was also very stressful, busy, long, and exhausting... but so good. I know I was really happy then, but it just gets better every day. I sure got lucky. :)

Happy anniversary, Weeber! You're the best. :)