Sunday, June 15, 2014

It Wasn't Jet Lag

I felt really strange on Father's Day last year. Actually, I had been feeling off for several weeks, but I was certain it was just post-Spain jet lag since I had never recovered after getting home a couple weeks earlier. I had taken a pregnancy test about a week before, probably the 5,107th once I'd taken in the course of our marriage, so when the question came into my mind again that morning as I got dressed for church, I dismissed it immediately. I wasn't pregnant. I was sure of that. 

Then again, while playing the piano in our little Spanish branch, a wave of fatigue and nausea washed over me again. "This the worst jet lag I have ever had," I thought to myself. And after two trips to Russia in my life, 11 times zones away and far enough off the beaten path that it took 2-3 days to get there, that's saying something. Again the question came to my mind... could I be pregnant? I did the math in my head and realized it was quite possible that the test I had taken a week ago would have been a little too soon to come out positive, even if I were pregnant. But remember how I said I had taken 5,102 pregnancy tests? That means I'd thought I was pregnant at least 5,102 times, so even though I had my suspicions I had gone through so many tests that I didn't get my hopes up. Still, I decided I'd take another when I got home just in case.

I came home from church alone since Dallin had meetings afterward. I took a test, set it on the counter, and watched for the little line to appear, but to my surprise, there was not one... but two lines. 

Two lines.

I flipped out.

It is probably a good thing no one was home to see me jumping around like a crazy woman, but on the downside, that also meant I had no one to tell. Dallin was in meetings and I wanted to tell him (in person) before I told anyone else, so I made a ridiculous video that I will probably never allow anyone else to watch... but it makes to happy to remember how excited I was to find out we were expecting. I had reason to believe that there was a decent chance it could be difficult to get pregnant, and that made it even that much more exciting to get a positive test. I was also happy to have an explanation for what I thought was never-ending jet lag. 

I think the best part was when I breathlessly met Dallin at the door (I'd been impatiently waiting for what seemed like forever), said I had a Father's Day present to give him, and told him I was pregnant. I hope I always remember how happy Dallin looked and how excited we both were as we processed the news. That was a happy day indeed.

I have had so many happy moments since then too, but most of my favorite ones have to do with my little family. I've especially loved seeing Dallin become a daddy. He loves our little babe so much and it just about makes my heart explode to see him snuggle and play with him. 

I know I already posted this picture on my blog, but I just love it so much.
I'm a lucky lady to have found that husband of mine. He takes such good care of our little family and I love him all the more because of it. I'm also thankful for both our fathers; they have influenced our lives immensely through their examples. Happy Father's Day to all... and to all a good night. ;)