Friday, July 11, 2014

Walk in the park

The days get a little warm around here this time of year, but the evenings are still beautiful. We try to take a walk every day to enjoy the weather and get a little exercise.

Sometimes I bring my camera along. This time I ended up pretty much just taking pictures of Eli. Shocking, I know. ;)

He's just the cutest thing I've ever seen though, so it is hard to resist. I mean, look at this little face.

And those big little hands of his.

I did take a few pictures of this tree, though. It was a bit windy out and I loved how it blew the hanging limbs of this weeping willow around.

Usually I'm not fan of wind, but this was a perfect breeze that made the rather humid (for AZ) air much more pleasant. I love monsoon season.

We took our walk, and he woke up towards the end. Generally he wakes up happy, but today he just gave Dallin and I the stink eye until we got home.

My, what a happy child! It must be rough to have someone carting you around the park on a beautiful summer's evening while you peacefully sleep. No wonder he was grouchy. ;)

Some days are easy, and some days are not, but most are a healthy mix of the two. I'm grateful for the simple little things like family walks in the park that keep me (a little more) sane. Lately I've been feeling a little on edge, and it helps me stay happy when I remember to soak up the peaceful moments  like these while they last. 

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