Sunday, October 6, 2013

Perfect weekend? I think yes.

I used to dread General Conference weekend as a child. It was torturous to confine my energetic self to one room for a total of 8 hours (there's four 2-hour sessions), and I rarely got anything out of the talks. I do remember my parents always making a big deal of the prophet speaking, and even if I don't remember anything he said that did make an impression on me. 

Now that I am older, that has completely changed. Conference weekend is my favorite. It's the highlight of my April and October. I mean, does it really get any better than having an excuse to sleep in, wear PJs all day, eat lots of food, and snuggle with your husband while listening to the beautiful words of our church leaders? I love it, especially since being pregnant makes me want to do all those things even more, which I honestly didn't think was possible. Our weekends are usually pretty busy with some crazy adventures on Saturday and church + meetings on Sunday, so it was nice to have Dallin all to myself for two whole days. It was perfect and (of course) went by too quickly. 

There were so many talks I adored. I can't wait to study them in more depth when the November Ensign comes out. I've been kind of in a rut lately, as you might have noticed from the rather grumpy posts I've been writing lately, and this conference left me feeling refreshed and ready to go. I needed that. 

Last conference, I started posting some of my favorite quotes on instagram, and I did that again next year. Here are some of my favorites:

(P.S. If anyone is interested, I used a combination of the Rhonna Designs app and to make these.)

I think we all need that reminder sometimes.

Fun fact: I once met Elder Nelson and he called me "sweetheart" and told me I was beautiful. In other words, we're pretty much best buds. ;)

One of my favorite talks.

P.S. We will have a 2-month-old baby next General Conference... whaaaaat? In other words, I made sure to soak up the opportunity to listen without distractions since it will probably be a very, very long time before that happens again. :) 

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  1. Y'know, it's not super duper difficult with a baby. A year ago, Jake slept most of the time, though I don't remember it exactly. In April, same story. This time? He was awake for most of the morning sessions but he was content to play for the most part, and then slept halfway through the afternoon sessions. Loved the quotes!