Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eli Thursday

27 weeks

Eli has been in full-blown teething mode the past couple of days (and nights). This afternoon I took him to the park because being outside always cheers him up, and sure enough the grass, sunshine, and fresh air worked its magic on both of us. He loves crawling around on the blanket and running his fingers through the grass. 


Also, because I am a terrible mom so I took advantage of a fussy moment to get a good picture of his teeth. Number 1 came in the day we flew into Texas, and number 2 is juuuuust about to break through but is taking its own sweet, miserable time doing so. In the meantime, thank the heavens above for baby tylenol. Amen. 

He is going to look like the cutest little redneck baby when these teeth grow in, especially if his other middle bottom tooth doesn't show up for a while. I love it. :)

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