Friday, September 20, 2013

Five things Friday

1. I am a major pyro. I love fire and I could play with it, or even just watch it, for hours on end. Maybe it's a redhead thing? My mom wisely never allowed candles in our house (except on birthday cakes), and now I feel like a rebel when I use them.

2. Besides taking a couple of classes in high school, I was home schooled until I enrolled in a community college when I was 17. It makes me happy when people are surprised to hear this. What, do you expect me to wear a bonnet or something? And be completely socially incompetent? It cracks me up every time to see the shock in people's eyes!

3. I could eat salad for every single meal, no joke. That is how much I love it. On a somewhat related note, I love tomatoes so much that I eat them like apples, sometimes with a little salt sprinkled on top. So good

4. I'm an introvert. Even though I love being around people, I tend to be more of a quiet observer, and I love  (and need) my alone time. (Currently working on a post about this!) 


5. If could wear sweaters and scarves every day of the year, I probably would. I'm anxious for it to be cool enough to bust out my fall/winter clothes! 

Happy Friday! 


  1. Can you spell xylocarp? (Mean Girls quote). I can't wait to see pictures of your little baby ginger!

    1. I'm now kind of ashamed that I brought up being home schooled and didn't use a Mean Girls quote. OPPORTUNITY MISSED.