Sunday, September 1, 2013

Le Bump

Well, there is no hiding this baby now, even if I wanted to!

I have been about the same size since I was 14. You know, besides filling out a little here and there and the like. I've never gained or lost a significant amount of weight over a short amount of time, so this pregnancy thing is taking some getting used to.

Specifically the fact that I really wasn't showing just a week or two ago, and suddenly I have an undeniable, unmistakable, very rapidly growing baby bump. This dress is flowy enough that it looks much smaller than it really is, but trust me when I say there is a (relatively) big pregnant belly under there. And every time I try to sit down in the jeans I can hardly fasten (even with the nifty hairtie trick), or button a fitted shirt, or give Dallin a big hug, I am reminded of that fact. ;) 

Weird? Yes.... but it's the best kind of weird. :)

Other than getting used to how much my belly has been growing, things have been going so well. I'm excited to meet this little one in February!


  1. I totally remember feeling that way...but trust me honey! Once you have your baby, you will look back at this picture and make fun of yourself for thinking you had a belly! :) I sure did... Haha

  2. So cute!! Isn't it so exciting when you finally start to notice your own belly, even if others still don't? I couldn't WAIT to get big, just so it wasn't a secret to anyone anymore. Haha. And I'll be honest, the big belly is pretty fun. People notice it no matter what! I think I might actually miss it in a few weeks... Also, we are twins because A.) I haven't changed much since age 14 (we've already established we have that in common and both alternately love and hate that about ourselves) and B.) that's the dress we both have!!! Love it. So cute and comfy and feminine right?

  3. You look so happy, and I love your little bump. Fret not about the weight gain, it all balances out in the end :)

  4. You look beautiful! And that transition period is the weirdest...where you don't yet fit into maternity clothes, but you also don't fit into your normal clothes. And you always feel like you just came from the buffet. But in just a couple of weeks, you'll be singing the praises of maternity clothes...they're just SO much more comfortable! Haha