Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm on Etsy!

Well, it took me longer than I expected, but I finally opened up my Etsy shop! I posted this tutorial on a whim one day and it ended up getting more attention via Pinterest than I anticipated, so I decided to try my hand at selling some of them. Feel free to check it out here! I also have a Facebook page you can check out here. I'll be adding more listings when I get a chance (having a baby, especially a sick one, makes things take much longer) so keep an eye out!. If you have any suggestions of ways I could improve my shop or items you might like to see feel free to let me know!


  1. So awesome! Just favorited your shop!

  2. oh wow, these are gorgeous!! since my hubby & i met abroad the map one is really extra awesome to me but seriously, you did awesome on all of these! congrats on opening up an etsy shop! as a shop owner myself i know how it can look like no biggie from the outside but so much work really goes into it.